Shelford Heating can Design, Supply, Install, Commission and Certify your new Oil Storage Tank to current Building regulations Part J. We Install both Metal and Plastic Bunded Oil storage Tanks,  as part of an installation we undertake

  • safe transfer of your existing oil into the new installation.
  • complete safe disposal of your existing tank and waste oils. 
  • We can prepare the ground work, concrete bases and brick piers
  • Including any fire barriers needed all to the standards as required.
  • We can not recommend highly enough the systems designed by CHM Ltd  see their web site for more info at this system will provide fire rating of 30/60/90 minutes fire rating dependent on specification, ensuring your Installed Tank is protected from sources of ignition and is fully compliant with OFTEC and Building Regulations                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

    Fire Barrier Kits

    FD 30/60/120

    Product description

    • 30, 60 or 120 minute fire protection barriers for oil, LPG and bulk fuel storage
    • Barriers come in kit form for ease of erection
    • Fire rated panels consist of coated steel sheet with quality mineral wool insulation infill.
    • Standard panels 1M square, bespoke size panels are available.
    • Conform to Building Regulations


    • An effective and economical way to conform to building regulations.
    • Available for 30, 60 & 120 minute protection.
    • Kit form allows easy handling, transport and erection.
    • Straight, L shaped or U shaped barriers are available.


  • Install Monitoring systems such as the watchman

Shelford Heating will Service your current Oil Storage Tank, when we undertake the Annual Service on the Oil Boiler – we will undertake to Check the Following:

  • • Dip the Oil Tank and Check for Signs of Contamination such as condensation
  • • Replace the Filter Unit Element
  • • Visually Inspect the Tank for Weakness
  • • Replace Sight Tube Assemblies
  • • Replace Isolation Valves

All Customers of Shelford Heating will benefit from Preferential Prices, so please give us a call. 

For details on Planning Permissions and Building Regulations take a look at this interactive web site from the Planning Portal

How About a Tuffa Fire Rated Tank – Approved by the LABC and APHC as Building Regulations compliant