Update 22nd September 2020

We are operating as Normal Monday to Friday 8.00am to 5.00pm with our first call of the day at 8.30am.

During Lockdown we continued to work with limited staff members, it was and still is a busy period for us preparing for the winter months. Heating Engineers and Plumbers during the Lockdown were classed as Key Workers providing essential maintenance for Hot Water and Heating operation. We do not envisage our services being disrupted over the winter months, and we will continue to provide our services to all customers – with priority given to those in most need. 

For your Safety we request that you maintain safe distance at all times, All Technicians carry extensive PPE including Sanitizers, Antibacterial Hand Wipes, Gloves, Facemasks and will ensure they operate in a Safe manner protecting not only our valued customers but themselves.

The Past Six months have been challenging, and we are now working through the backlog of Annual Service Customers and Completing some of the Installation works such as Bathrooms, Boiler Replacements and Bathroom installations that had to be rescheduled or ceased in March. 

Thank you to our Customers for your patience, it is very much appreciated, we are proud to serve you and your loyalty means everything.

We are seeing a rise in the number of emergency calls and we will do all that we can in agreeing sensible and suitable timescales for Delivery of Repairs – Currently all of our Suppliers are Maintaining sensible Timescales for Delivery of Both Parts and Goods to allow us to perform to the best of our ability, and we are being assured that there is no concerns at present and no concerns are envisaged.

Our Office and Admistration Teams are working in a Covid Secure Enviroments, Socially Distanced, with high levels of sanitation some of our team members are working from Home which may cause a delay in answering calls at peak period, please keep trying if you are unsuccesful or alternatively send us an email at helpme@shelfordheating.co.uk

Our Involvement with Customers at the office is restricted, as is the procedure of goods inwards and outwards with sanitisation and restriction of all persons in and out. Company Representatives from our Supply chain will not be permitted to enter our Offices until further notice. 

Thank You 

David Humm

Manging Director